The Shadow Knows…

Oftentimes I find that the older books I’ve read in years past actually have a more profound grasp of the subject matter they address.  One of these texts is by the late John Sanford, an Episcopal Priest.  I read his book, Evil: The Shadow Side of Reality, many years ago.  I recalled Sanford’s work in the context of the tragedy at Sutherland Springs.  I’ll be reading and reflecting on this work in future editions.  One thought that Sanford conveyed is that wherever there is evil, there is suffering.  I ponder if the converse of that statement is true.  Perhaps our culture is looking in places for answers that have none to offer.  Perhaps a greater understanding of what evil is and proven ways of addressing it (today’s image of best practices) might be worth our while to explore.  Sanford addresses the history of an understanding of evil in the Old Testament, New Testament and in-depth psychology.  I find the connections between in-depth psychology and the biblical understanding to be quite fascinating.

More to come.

May the peace of God pervade your entire being.

Fr. Mark

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