Father Mark, Reflections

A Leisurely Ride

I remember my younger years.  We’d pile up into the car and go for a Sunday afternoon drive in the country.  We might stop by an A&W Root Beer stand while we ventured into the country to see what mysteries we could find.


It’s Wildflower Season in Texas and if there isn’t anything more telling of creation’s beauty it’s a field of Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, Indian Blanket, Mugwort and other beauties for the eye to behold.  Children can count up how many kinds of flowers they see, look them up and for the really adventurous who want to practice their math skills, try counting the number of blooms on a flower.  For older children, have them count the blooms on three different flowers and then have them divide by three to find out the mean, or average number of blooms on a flower.

What we focus on has much to do with the creation of our mood.  The stimulation of something live with color and form does much to refresh us.

The psalmist on one of his more sensual days said, “taste the Lord, for he is good.”

But don’t eat the flower!