Father Mark, Reflections

In the course of one moment…

I am not a “bright eyed and bushy tailed” type of morning person.  It takes me awhile to get my mind the the rest of me moving.  I was Divinely helped this morning while looking out of our kitchen window at the bird bath in our back yard, when all of a sudden, a female Cardinal dashed in a blur to the bird bath.  The Cardinal drank from the water of the bird bath, remaining there only a few seconds before darting off.

The Cardinal’s unexpected immediacy of arrival caught be by surprise.  The suddenness of the arrival of beauty and energy caused me to gasp–in a pleasant way.   Revelation is like this:  happening in the immediacy of a moment and then lasting for years in our memories.  That one moment set my spirit in alignment.   I thought for a moment: what if I had not looked out that window and missed such a theophany (a “God revealing” moment)!   We are given hundreds of windows each day to receive the unexpected visit from the Holy One who manifests the Spirit in a multitude of ways.

What’s showing outside your window?


Fr. Mark