Father Mark, Reflections

Easter is just the Beginning

“Let all of you then live together, one in mind and heart mutually giving honor to God in yourselves, whose temples you have become.” +St. Augustine

St. Benedict wrote in his Rule to remember that “Every day we begin again.” We are all working on a house–God’s house. I remember as a child knowing that God’s “House” meant the Church which was further clarified by the poem that was acted out by using our hands: “Here is the Church, here are the people, open up the doors and see all the people.” Yes, we are the temple of God. God and us are construction partners to build us into his temple.

Questions we might ask: “What is it that my temple (my life) needs to be a temple to host God?” Do I need more knowledge, devotion, a healed heart, a quiet mind just for a few things? Do I need to grieve a loss? Let us not minimize grief and brush it off as grief is holy work. God is always ready to visit us in our losses, confusion, disorientation (boy there’s been enough of this lately, hasn’t there?) and emptiness. God is also ready to celebrate with us in our joys.

What part of you, your temple are you working on in order to fully host the Living, Resurrected Christ?

Enjoy your joint construction project!

Remember to say “Alleluia!” at least daily.

Fr. Mark