Father Mark, Reflections

The Song of The Bird

Story by Anthony de Mello from The Song of the Bird.

Have you heard, really heard, the song of a Mockingbird lately?

The disciples were full of questions about God. Said the master, “God is the Unknown and the Unknowable. Every statement about him, every answer to your questions, is a distortion of the truth. “ The disciples were bewildered, “Then why do you speak about him at all? Why does the bird sing?” said the master.

Why indeed, does the bird sing? When is the last time you recall hearing a bird sing? When you hear the song of a bird, perhaps your favorite bird or a familiar one, what happens within you? A song, sung from the heart, awakens the heart of another.

When I hear a bird sing, I don’t get my cell phone on and attempt to track the song’s decibel level on the app. When I hear a bird sing, the song lifts me above what which is around me so that I can attend to the song. The Mockingbird has one of the most beautiful songs to me. It’s gentleness, rhythm and beauty cut through everything else and lifts me beyond my ability to understand. When I have worked with people in deep depression, I will often have them hum quietly a tune that might come to them. It isn’t long before the tune expands and begins to carry them, lifting them out of their malaise. When they begin to discover the song within them, they begin to heal.

The Holy Spirit also sings and is singing to you and to me….right now. What song is the Holy Spirit singing to and through us?

What song has the Creator placed within you? Listen for it as it resonates deep within your being. Holy Being sings through human being. Allow your song to come forth and to bless the world around you.

The world is waiting….

In Harmony,

Fr. Mark