Father Mark, Sermons

Trinity Sunday

There was once a well-known ship maker who decided to make an elegant ship. 

He constructed the blue prints and then made lavish plans to decorate the ship with beautiful furniture and furnishings, ornate deck flooring, wall paper, chandeliers and curtains.  He had fine paintings decorating the walls.  

Finally, the day came for the ship to be launched with a festive occasion and the ship went out on its first run out of the harbor and into the sea.  What wasn’t public knowledge is that the ship builder spent the majority of his expenses above the water line.  The unseen keel underneath the water was not deep enough and lacked reinforcement. 

On its first run, the ship ran into the storm and the inferior keel did not hold the ship steady enough in the stormy waves and it sank.  The ship builder learned that a ship’s life was dependent on the construction below the water level.  Had the ship builder transferred some of his expenses to the keel below the water line, the ship would still be afloat.   Superficiality doesn’t float. 

Welcome to Trinity Sunday:  the three fold approach to daily living.   The Creator continues to create in us–below the waterline. Jesus continues to redeem, forgive and heal below the waterline: reaching our structural issues within us.  The Spirit, acting as a rudder guides and with Divine Energy empowers us to be vessels the Spirit’s presence in our daily lives.  

Matthew, tells us just before Jesus’ ascension, some were still doubting what Jesus was telling them.   Well, who doesn’t doubt?   Who hasn’t doubted that God might act in ways we cannot know?  How many of us doubt the goodness that God has created in us?   How many of us doubt that God can use us as a messenger of his Spirit?  Who hasn’t doubted that God not only loves but delights in us?    Doubt is just another step into sacred unity with God. 

I remember going to the San Antonio Zoo when our children were young.  As most children they wanted pony rides.  Our youngest, Ashley was about 3 when I put her on the pony’s back for her first ride, holding her closely. 

All of a sudden, the pony jolted and Ashley went out from my hands off the side of the horse onto the ground. 

Fear began to grip me when something within me moved me to pick her up. 

I said a few soothing words as she was wondering whether she should cry or not.

Within 5 seconds I had her back on the pony and we continued, and Ashley settled down.  What I learned from this is that when we attach to doubt, we give it power by doing so. 

As a metaphor for doubt, we all fall off our horses.  When you fall off your horse, don’t think.  Our thoughts can never reach to God.  God already knows our thoughts and God is already in our midst.  This is why the action of revelation exists:  God initiates.  We respond.  

Just get back on the horse.  Faith is getting back on the horse and trusting that God will restore our spiritual balance.   

I learned a new meaning for Baptism that I want to pass on to you.  In the Aramaic which Jesus spoke, the word, baptize, means to stand up, to stand firm, like a pillar. 

It’s very interesting to notice how wobbly the disciples were when Jesus left and how strong they stood and bold they were when his Spirit filled them on Pentecost.  

We’re living in the season of the Trinity.   God continues to create.  Jesus continues to forgive, restore and heal us while the Holy Spirit continues to guide and empower us to be a container through which others can drink the presence of God.  Have you ever pondered about being a container for the Spirit of God?  We don’t have to be the drink. This is God’s job.  We just need to be the container.  The Trinity is about building our foundation under the water. 

Not to get two hokey, but it’s like the old laundry detergent commercials that advertised to clean three ways.   The Trinity works to create, forgive and make us vessels of Life for others.  

We might doubt him at times.  It’s not that we doubt.  It’s what we do with the doubt. 

Tell it to God and get right back up on your horse.   

The Holy Spirit intends to leak his Spirit out of you all over the place.  God is creating order out of chaos.  May God bless the chaos right out of you.


Fr. Mark