Father Mark, Reflections

The Blessings Mothers Give Us


I took a few days’ vacation to venture to Arlington to play “Mr. Mom” to help out, see my new grandson, Markus and help oversee/play with Bradley (7) and Buddy (4 ½).  Cooking 7 meals in three days, washing up, etc. etc. renewed my awareness of the challenges of motherhood that had slipped my mind since the 80’s when my daughters were young.  

Mr. Mom (me) had his “list” that he attempted to maintain while regular “interruptions” from the boys, the baby, etc. would regularly place themselves before me and the tasks I was attempting to complete such as meals, oversight of dressing, bathroom duty and so on.   

The time together renewed my appreciation for mothers and what they do on the home front and the spirit in which they attempt to do it.  The days were so full that I wondered when mothers actually found time to pray.   I’m sure mothers pray “on the run” via thoughts and brief sentences but I wonder if they are able or aren’t too busy to remember to carve out 10 minutes of their day to be able to be still so that following their prayers of thoughts and words, they might actually to find their still point to be able to hear and feel the Spirit moving within them without being interrupted or with their “list” intruding into their minds. 

I would call attention to husbands, parents, brothers and sisters of mothers to be intentional about intervening to be able to break the state of the “rat race” within which mother’s find themselves, even if it’s just for an hour for mom to vacate the premises, change the routine, find a quiet place, nap, call a friends, pray, read a few pages and come back to center.  Moms are generally too encumbered to think of this for themselves so it behooves those of us who are closest to them to initiate these gifts of time and space that can breathe new life into them which is returned to the family in the form of a more peaceful demeanor.  And moms, it’s OK to ask for this from time to time if no one is aware of it. 

I am grateful for my mom and all she did for my brother and myself.   I am grateful for the mothering given to my daughters.  I am grateful for the mothering my daughters provide to my grandsons. 

I am grateful for the mothering you provide for your children.  Jesus thought children were very important as he spent time with them, blessing them (Mark 10).  When I worked as a therapist, I could tell when children received faithful mothering (and fathering) and when they did not. 

When we bless children, we bless the world.

Thanks moms for fulfilling your Divine Mission of motherhood. 

Fr. Mark