Observation of the 100th Veterans Day at Annunciation

The Rev. Lt. Colonel Chaplain Mark Lee of Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio preached during Veterans Day ceremonies at the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Chaplain Lee brilliantly described the Christian use of power and authority to be used for the benefit of those he serves. “Our gifts and talents were given for the purpose of serving others.” Like the unknown widow who gave all she had with the two copper coins, no matter what our gifts are, when we give of them God can use them for good.

Chaplain Lee said that military experience teaches the Soldier, Sailor, Airman and the Marine how to serve something that is greater than themselves.

ARMISTICE DAY CELEBRATION – The veterans and congregation of Annunciation gathered to celebrate the
Eucharist on Veterans Day, November 11th, on the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day marking the end of World War I. The Rev. Lt. Colonel Mark Lee, who serves at Ft. Sam Houston, preached. Veterans participating in the service were, from left, Mike McDaniel, Jack Fraim, Frank Clark, Butch Ward, Jon Wallace, Lt. Col. Lee, Chet Robbins, Fr. Bigley, Kenwood Meaker, and Jim McVea.


A Chat with Chet – 2018 December

Thanksgiving has come and gone. But what is not gone are the many things I continue to be thankful for. For me it is God, country, family and friends. We now look forward to Christmas. I have been in the Midwest pheasant hunting and spending time with my 91 year old father, children and grandchildren. And yes, the pheasant hunt was successful! Just ask me the next time you see me.

The finance and budget committee will be meeting the latter part of November and Decem ber to prepare the 2019 budget. Sure we have some challenges, but I am confident a budget will be established to meet our congregational needs and assessments. I am thankful for those that have volunteered to be on the committee. They are Butch Ward, Betty Fraim, Fr. Russ Mathews, Jim McVea, Debbie Moses, Brandy Carter, Fr. Mark Bigley, Peggy Ussery and me. Please pray for us as we gather together on behalf of our church and congregation.

As I drove to Missouri and Kansas from Texas I was amazed looking at the beautiful fall foliage. Sunrises and sun sets were magnificent too. There is no way man caused what we call “nature”. Think about it. God is indeed good!

Kind regards,
Chet Robbins
Senior Warden

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Las Posadas – Welcoming the Holy family into our homes and lives

Las Posadas, an enactment of Mary and Joseph’s asking for shelter, has been planned for Sunday, December 16, beginning at 2 p.m. 

Las Posadas, as a tradition, grew out of a community celebration which takes place on each of the nine evenings leading to Christmas. With a song, or letania, the community reenacts and remembers the journey of Mary and Joseph for a place to stay in their journey to Bethlehem. Las Posadas usually ends with a reading from the Bible and the breaking of a pinata filled with fruit, candy and food. 

It is customary for a family to host a Posada and invite their family, friends and neighbors to participate.

We are co-sponsoring this year’s event with First United Methodist Church. The youth will be playing a part to help lead the activity.

We will begin at 2 p.m. at First United Methodist Church and con-

clude at Church of the Annunciation at around 3 p.m. Wear appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

For me a Posada is a meaningful event because it is an opportunity to get together and welcome the Holy family to our home and life. Although singing and breaking the piñatas is a fun and special moment, hosting a Posada is my favorite part because it gives us the opportunity to share the joy of the upcom-

ing birth of the Son of God.

Laura Currier

Note from Fr. Mark: I hope that many of us will participate in this intergenerational activity. Bring your families and friends.