Wednesday Supper

No String Suppers Began in 2014

In the Fall of 2014, Annunciation’s priest at the time, Bur Dobbins, felt a need to feed this community. Bur’s only rule was that anyone and everyone would be welcome; that no one ever be turned away.  There would be no strings attached to receiving a meal.

Some nine years later, the No Strings Attached suppers have grown to feed as many as 300 meals every Wednesday night. Neither rain, nor snow, nor holidays, nor a COVID pandemic have stopped the No Strings Suppers.  “Food is Love” is our creed, and we continue to feed people when they need it most. Supper at Annunciation on Wednesday evenings has become a staple for many people, who come for a hot meal, many eating in with family and friends.  

Over the years, other churches like Mineral Springs Baptist Church, First United Methodist church and other community volunteers have joined us on Wednesday nights, making this truly a community effort. Serving meals includes delivering meals to the elderly and shut-ins; the children of Legacy Ranch join us frequently to dine-in.