Quilts & Cars

Quilts & Cars – Quilt Walk Information

A quilt walk is a kind of quilt show without all the detailed judging. Our quilt walk is going to be fun and no pressure. There will be a few categories of popular voting by the public, the mayor, and our parish kids, and our pastor. But there won’t be any worries about matching points or perfect binding. This is meant to be a fun colorful event. The quilts will be displayed outdoors under cover and protected from rain. They will also only be displayed for a few hours. So this is a great first show type for a person who hasn’t ever displayed their quilt in public before. We won’t be showing names of quilters and there are no categories. It’s going to be a fun day to stroll around and just see what people are making and doing.

Entry information will be posted by Sept 1, 2023.