A Chat with Chet – My favorite time of the year

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the out of doors and walking through the woods at the farm this time of year. Listening to the leaves fall from the trees and watching the sun to open and govern the day from the East is often beautiful. One can hear and watch the wild animals begin their day. They rustle through the leaves searching for food with ears alert for any disturbance. I like the smell of burning leaves and firewood too and yes even roasting a hot dog over that fire. Nature provides luxury.

This is the time of year when we give thanks for the things God has provided us. We celebrate Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day that recognizes those that allow us to worship God freely without retribution or fear. We give thanks to church and its members for what they provide. We are thankful for all the children that bring us delightful memories. Yes, we are blessed.

I have chosen not to provide the financial status this month as stewardship has been an ongoing discussion during the month of October. I will provide the financials for the entire year in the next newsletter as we begin to close out the calendar year and look forward to 2019. I believe stewardship comes from the heart.

Happy November to all of you.

Kind regards,
Chet Robbins
Senior Warden

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